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Paypal accepted (add 30 cent per transaction plus 3% of the total sell amount - No fee necessary if paid via friends and family).

Can also send payment via USPS mail, if you prefer.

All complete seasons are $8 each.

Send me a private message if interested.

All codes originally included in US Blu-ray combo packs and should be assumed to be usable for US residents only. If you are not sure they will work in your country, please do not purchase, as, while I guarantee these codes have not expired or been previously used, I can not guarantee they will work for users in countries they were not intended for (though I also do not know enough about dcopies to have any idea how might be able to restrict usage in non-authorized territories).

Codes can be emailed (including download addresses and expiration dates) for faster access. A high resolution or down sized picture (for faster email loading if need be) of the dcopy sheet can also be attached if desired.

Sheets can be physically mailed via USPS first class with delivery confirmation in a cardboard reinforced water repellent mailer for an additional $3, anywhere in the US. Sorry, no international shipping.

-Complete Seasons available (supported format listed in parenthesis - please do not assume a code listed for UV will also work with iTunes)(UV may also include support for Flixter, Vudu, etc, but not iTunes unless specified):

UV = Ultraviolet

-Arrow Season 1 (UV only)

-Banshee Season 1 (iTunes only)

-Copper Season 1 (UV only)

-Defiance Season 1 (UV only)

-Fringe Season 4 (UV only)

-Grimm Season 2 (UV only)

-House of Cards Season 1 (UV only)

-Revolution Season 1 (UV only)

-Ripper Street Season 1 (UV only)

-Supernatural Season 7 (UV only)

-Supernatural Season 8 (UV only)

-The Vampire Diaries Season 4 (UV only)

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