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I'm sell this amazing kit to transform your 808s in a awesome projector!

The kit consist in ...

- A set of three hi-rez tubes in the LC Barco housings (with scheimpflug).

- A set of three Delta HD18 LC lenses (from Sony G70).

- A set of c-elements color filtered (from Sony G70).

- A set of three 120 mhz modified neckboards (from 808s).

- Supports for mount.

The 808 (non s) users can use this kit with or without 120mhz neckboards, I can sell to they the "120 mhz modify kit" that consist in ...

- Latest 808s firmware ver. 7.61

- Latest convergence driver board

- RGB input board

- RGB driver board

- Iris interface + camera (optional)

I ask 1000 euro (add 250 euro for 120 mhz kit) shipping excluded

I live in Roma (Italy).

Slideshow here
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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