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Pioneer Elite, Plasma Flat Panel, 1080 p, 50” PRO-111FD
Original Owner, purchased from Magnolia Theatre in Atlanta, GA. Local pickup. Original Box not available. This TV is in excellent condition. Comes with Stand, speakers, remote and manual.”
I could not access the hours on this TV because it cannot be done through the remote. You have to use the software through a computer that would be used by a technician on this particular model. With that said, I did locate our receipt from Magnolia. We purchased the TV in Sept of 2008 when they first came out. Calculating using an average of 8 hours a day from the date of purchase, the number of hours of usage would be approximately 20,000. We have always had at least 2 TV’s in our house, so this would not have been the only one that we had available to use. This one was used in our bedroom.

A plasma TV with a 100,000-hour lifespan would leave you with approximately 80% of the life of the TV remaining based on eight (8) hours of usage a day since the date of purchase.

I am willing to provide a box or appropriate packaging material for your shipper if you are interested at $1,000 cash. If you are in need of HDMI cables, I could also make you a deal on some of those. We have probably over 20 of those in various lengths.

Price is negotiable, depending on pickup, box required, etc.
Contact Jo at 334-494-3305.
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