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First, thanks to everyone that has given recommendations since I found this forum (2 months ago).  I have been overwhelmed by he amount of info that i did not know, and am glad I did not get screwed over. Fitting my HTS out in the basement with the usual HTS.
Onkyo NR828  -- Own
Fronts Martin Logan ESL  -- Own
Sub    -- 90% PB1000 pending the response I get on a question in the Sub forum based on room size.
Center                                Open (leaninig toward MLogan matching center ESL ($700))
Surrounds side (dipole)        Open  Klipsch 5650 II S, SpeakerCraft AIM Three, etc
Surrounds rears (dipole)       Open Klipsch 5650 II S, SpeakerCraft AIM Three, etc
Not willing to sacrifice on the sub (price), so I am basically left with 2100 for the 4 surrounds and the center.  Have read that the matching center would be good for the timbre and I should budget the surrounds accordingly (hence the ML ESL center)
which would leave about 350 per speaker....Looking for thoughts on a non matching center (cheaper), but at 500 (instead of 700), I am only gaining 50 in price flexibility for the surrounds.   
BTW...the surrounds need to be in-wall because senate appropriations does not want to see them.  The right wall is fixed (regular wall), the left wall is open to the rest of the room so the speaker has to be mounted high up (on soffit) and theoritcally directed down toward hte viewing area.  The back is also open all the way back, so the same thing for the rears..Mount in ceiling?
Really appreciate the feedback.
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