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Sending composite video source to 2+ locations...

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Will be routing video (composite signal) from a single source (receiver) to drive 2x (or more) zones ... cable will be quad-shielded RG6 cable (w/RCA connectors).

Will an RF distribution amp work well for this, even though it's a composite signal? Or is another device more appropriate here?
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You must use a video distribution amplifier, not an RF amp.
Hmm...so something like the Extron IN3212 ?
The Extron would certainly work. If you would like a solution at less than broadcast video quality you might try this:

The Extron is a better unit but it may be overkill for what you require.

There are a number of video "Bricks" available. You can check a catalog company like Markertek. VAC makes unit gain blocks that are 1x2 and 1x4 bricks for around $150. You may also be able to find used Extron, Niles or VAC units on Ebay or other sources. I found VAC units at the local Electronic Flea market for $4 each and have used them for everything from Composite fanout to driving multiple power amps for Bass shakers. The units have a response of DC to 50 MHz. I should have bought all he had at that price.

Xantech, Niles, Extron, and others all make nice Video distribution amps. Check their websites and look for a local distributor or check your favorite auction website.
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