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This is arguably the best value SEOS kit to date and is no longer available due to the use of the buyout 15" Celestion woofers. I originally bought 11 of these to build an 11.1 theater but only got to build and enjoy a 5.1 system before I had to move. Unfortunately my new theater room is much smaller than my old one and I don't have room for these. I am keeping 3 for my front LCR and selling the rest. I'm not trying to make any money and am selling these at cost which was $220 per speaker kit. The kit includes a DNA 360 compression driver, SEOS 12 Waveguide, Celestion 15" woofer, a fully built crossover and a front baffle from diysoundgroup with precut holes for the SEOS 12 and woofer. This is a Bill Waslo design. All that's needed is a box to complete these. 2 cubic feet gives an f3 of about 75hz which is about perfect for an 80hz crossover to subs.

Here's the design thread: http://www.diysoundgroup.com/forum/index.php?topic=221.0

Here's a quote from Mr Waslo about the speaker: "That woofer turned out to be quite sweet. Very nice smooth midrange, well behaved before it rolls off naturally around 2kHz (actually easier to design with than the TD15M, which has a lot of junk to get rid of above crossover). I may like it better than the TD15, actually, but remember I'm not a high-volume freak-- TD15 may do better if you're wanting your neighbors down the street to hear it clearly." There's several folks in the DIY forum all with excellent reviews of this design and don't let the comment fool you these things are plenty loud (more than I can handle) and should reach reference with receiver power.

I would prefer a local sale since these are not small and there are several parts to the kit. I am located in Houston, TX.
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