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Serial cable setup for FIOS/Motorola box?

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Has anybody ever figured out how to tell Replay to use the Serial cable for the FIOS Motorola box. From this link, it appears that the serial port will work on the STB, but I can't get the Replay menus to give me that option. It only wants to do IR blaster codes. I found earlier threads from last year, but I didn't see a solution.


The IR blaster usually works ok, but not 100% of the time (I use code 0476). Verizon just did an update on the STB firmware so I wanted to give the serial port a try
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The problem in the past was always that the STB box had the port but it was unused. Now if FIOS is actually enabling the port, I would think Patersontech would want to make a version of their translator for it. It would be a huge market. You should contact them and ask.
Who is Patersontech? And how do I contact them?
They make translators to control certain satellite set top boxes via the serial port on your replaytv (or tivo or pc). You could contact them through their website of the same name (patersontech dot com)
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