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I'm new to RS232 serial command control. I have successfully setup one device and have been contolling it well via RS233 with my Phillips Pronto TSU9600 and serial remote extender RFX9600. The Pronto only does one way serial control. Therefore, I'm only wanting to send simply one way commands (host to slave).

The device I'm presently controlling via RS232 is a Marantz DV9600 DVD player. I downloaded the document from Marantz with the commands. Selected the serial code entry and inserted the exact command string listed in the doc, and selected the right RS232 port. An example command that is working is:

@PWR:1\\xd, for Power Off

Works great. The next device I was going to try was my NeoPro Borrego Matrix Switch, but the instructions were over my head. I am now trying my Marantz SR8001. I figured it would be easy/clear, since I got it to easily work for my another Marantz component (DVD). The directions aren't as clear as the for the DVD, for a newbie like me. It doesn't list the complete strings. It is the same settings (parity, etc) as the DVD player and it is also with a straight cable. For a command it says the:

start character is "@"

command form is "xxx"+"..."

end character is 0Dh

The command that is given for Power Off is:


I have tried all kinds of combinations, but I can't get it to work. Using the pattern for the DVD player I used "@PWR:1\\0Dh,"

However, I've tried many variations, e.g. without "," or without "\\"

Can you give me some guidance, please?


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