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Originally Posted by coderguy  /t/1471800/series-3-jvc-lamps#post_23290925

Anyone using the Series 3 lamps and taken measurements yet?

I am curious to how they are holding up.

There is the existing thread on JVC lamp life ( HERE ) but of those few in a position to make actual measurements over the life of the lamp, in most cases they do not identiify which version of the lamp their JVC projector is using. For example there was one post that showed about a 28% drop in measured lux after just over 1000 hours, but they didn't identify the lamp version.

Also in the RS40 owner's thread there are subjective statements on lamp life such as this one: "I have a 003 but I don't see any flapper? So not sure what that is, but I just clocked in like 910 hours and so far so good. Just have some other issues I need to get taken care of.".
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