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Settings for ps3, 360 and sky box

Cell Light:10

Mode: Standard


Brightness: (55 for ps3,360 and 47 for sky box)




Detailed Settings

Black Adjust:High

Dynamic Contrast:High


Colour Space:Native

White balance:

R-offset 22

G-offset 23

B-offset 25

R-gain 22

G-gain 23

B-gain 25

Flesh Tone 0

Edge Enhancement: on

Picture Options:

Colour tone: normal

Size 16:9

Digital NR: Auto

HDMI Black Level: LOW

Blue only mode off

Screen burn protection, how you want it

A professional calibrator from currys did this and they look fantastic, remember 55 brightness for games and 47 for tv as 55 is to bright for tv but just right for games


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I had the proffesional guy in yesterday, he said warm 1 and 2 does make the picture look the way the directors etc want you to see the film but he said it washes out colour, he gave me 3 choices, a rich picture, a bright picture or a vivd and i said can you do one thats not too bright and not too dark and it 'pops' he said sure no problem and did this for me. he also calibrated my pioneer wich i can give you settings for if you want. These picture settings make COD 4 and UNcharted look really rich and vibrant on my ps3 but these settings are dark so your eyes will need time to adjust to them, at first they seem too dark but give them a week he said and they look brighter and as the day went on i noticed they got better and my eyes got better suited to them. I myself am lookin in to goin in to professional tv calibrating so i did my toshiba and i must say the way i did bugger me its faboulous, but samsung had to many settings to mess with i couldnt really do it so i called my mentor the proffesional calibrator from currys to do it and he did. if u live in swindon go to currys and ask for a john peacock, he is good. peace guys. enjoy your tvs whatever you own lol. new samsung rule by da way, such rich colours and a mil to 1 ratio dam thats good.
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