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Ok guys, so I am sitting in front of my PC for 16 hours now trying to get 24p playback working. I have a 8800 Ultra Nvidia card and a A656 40" Samsung TV.

I can't really tell you how much I already tried.

First of all, newest drivers installed. Set custom resolution to 23.976, saved it, TV shows [email protected], everything good. However, a 24p testcard (white bar moving from left to right on black surface) looks very choppy. Activating "100Hz Full Motion" solves this problem.

However, I have more serious problem: I get SERIOUS tearing on every other resolution than [email protected] What can be the problem there? I am using Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre but the problem persists with every other tool. I tried ReClock, but it doesn't change anything. On 60Hz, it tells me to use a multiple of 24, but as soon as I choose 23.976, 24 or even 50, the tearing begins.

On 60Hz, the movie just looks perfect to my eyes - it did before trying all this as well - so should I just keep it that way? I was just curious what native 24p can do to my movie experience, but I think the movie god doesn't want me to know that...

Any suggestions appreciated
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