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I've been away from AVS for awhile but find myself in need of some serious help. Well my 7 year old Sony 46" CRT appears to have died last night so I need a new TV. I admit I fell for the Samsung LED marketing and told my wife for months that it would be our next TV. I've seen it at least a dozen times and I'm always amazed at the color pop and black level. Side by side with other high end LCD's they look washed out. Today I came back to AVS and find out these TV's are not that highly regarded so I don't know what to think.

I'm a huge black level and contrast nut that now needs to replace my Sony WT46 RPTV. After my research I've learned there is no "LED TV" only LED backlit LCD's. I'm looking for something between 46" and 55" and want the LED backlighting. My room has alot of uncontrolled ambiant light but my RPTV did okay with everything but dark stuff. Then it simply became a mirror. I watch alot of football and hockey so motion blur would drive me nuts. From what I've gathered I should be looking at the Sony XBR8, the LG LH90, or the Toshiba 670u's. My budget is around $3k but less would be easier with the wife factor. Any issues on any of these I should be aware of? Any other LED's I'm missing?
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