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Service Manual B&K AVR202

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Does anyone happen to have a Service Manual (not Owner's Manual) for a B&K AVR202?

I have contacted the new owners of B&K and they are going to look, but not sure if they have it or not.

Thank you,
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We have schematics for the AVR-202. Drop me an email and I will forward same jeff at ati-amp dot com

Thanks Jeff,

I spoke to John at ATI and he has already forwarded over the schematics. He was going to see if he can find the service manual, if one ever existed ...

Appreciate the help from ATI +1.

Anyone else out there, I'm still interested in a service manual if one is out there anywhere.

Glad John was responsive. I can confirm that there is no service manual in the B&K library.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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