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Anyone have a Service manual for an old Pioneer VSX-D810S?

I just replaced it with a new 1120K and in the process of installing a new outlet for the Plasma I caused a short which tripped the circuit breaker, and knocked out the video on the 810. Everything else appears to be working, with the exception of component video (I didn't test to see if the composite video is still working, who cares if it is...). There are no obvious scorch marks or blown fuses inside the chassis that I can see.

The component video is located on a handy little sub PCB that could be swapped out pretty cheap if I can find a salvage part. I'd like to keep the old workhorse for a basement Media setup if we ever get around to finishing out that area.

All I could find are some profiteers online looking to sell you a copy of the manual for $15-$35.

I'm open to suggestions to try and diagnose the video also.

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