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set-up for nissan xterra 2006?

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I want to set up a nice system but don't quite know which speakers will fit? I was looking towards some nice polks, infinity, or alpines. Actually any suggestions would be appreciated. Also looking for head unit amp and sub. Any suggestions? I want a loud clean system Thanks in advance!!
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whatever you decide, get a sealed box for "clean" bass. a ported box will be louder and boomier. check out crutchfield to see what sizes your current factory speakers are. you will need a minimum of HU, wiring kit, 2 amps min (4 channel and mono) 1/2 subs, front and rear speakers, speaker wire. a budget would also help out to get a system together. post some more info and perhaps, the board can steer you in the right direction....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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