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Speed touch 500 modem

Linksys WRT54G

DVR ( Rohs 4 port dvr)

Dynamic Ip

Installed Dyndns update client

My speed touch modem is connected to the linksys router and my dvr and desktop are connected to the linksys. The linksys is givin out the ip address to my dvr i can access it locally. Please help me configure this to access it from anywhere else in the world. Please help. I have a dynamic ip address. I have tried doing the portforward to port 80 on the linksys. Nothin works i am not good at networking

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If you have a dynamic IP address, you are going to need to use something like DynDNS.org. This service will update a domain name with the current IP address. DynDNS will even give you a Domain Name for free (at least the used to).

You will then need to setup your linksys router to log into your DynDNS (there are other services, but they are one of the big ones) automatically every time you IP address changes.

You will setup a domain name something like harrykhiani.is-a-geek.com. So when you type harryhiani.is-a-geek.com in a browser, it will go through DynDNS to determine your current external IP Address and forward it correctly (this is very simplified - it's a bit more complicated).

Your router (linksys) should be setup to forward HTTP requests (port 80, unless you make it something else - sort of recommended, in my opinion, but a different conversation) to the DVR. You probably should set you DVR to get a static ip address instead of dynamic. So you would set port 80 http requests to always forward to the DVR (say

Simple as that!

Note: Make sure you can get to and view your DVR internally (on your own network, inside the router) before you try and use DynDNS. If it does not work internally, it will never work externally. So, give your DVR a fixed IP and do an (or whatever it is). Get it working internally, then layer on the external connection (DynDNS, router port forwarding).

Hope this helps.
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