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SetDisplayFrequency and Re-Clock

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I'm hoping to get all my media to automatically switch my ATI 5570 to the proper refresh rate based on media type.

I'm using Win7 64-bit with 7MC/MediaBrowser and using PDVD 11 to play back BD and DVD disks and .iso's. I'm using SetDisplayFrequency through AnyDVD-HD to handle refresh rate changes for disks and .iso's.

However, I have some .mkv's and .m4v's that I'd also like to have the refresh rate automatically set for. I'm using Shark Codecs for playback of these files in 7MC and I've also got MediaControl installed.

It seems like re-clock is the only solution for setting the refresh rate for these files. Is there another option?

If I install re-clock then will there be some conflict with SetDisplayFrequency for disks and .iso's where SetDisplayFrequency will set the refresh rate and the re-clock will try to do it too?

Anybody have a script/guide for setting up reclock for my playback configuration?
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If you use MPC HomeCinema as an external player, you can use its own auto refresh rate change, or if you use madVR, its own auto refresh rate change, or AutoFrequency .

A script for ReClock .

Originally Posted by renethx /forum/post/20833749

If you use MPC HomeCinema as an external player, you can use its own auto refresh rate change, or if you use madVR, its own auto refresh rate change, or AutoFrequency .

A script for ReClock .

Thanks, that's very helpful. I generally like to stay away from external players so AutoFrequency looks like my best bet with Windows file associations. It seems that Autofrequency will also handle .iso files but do you know if it'll work with PDVD 11 or should I leave .iso's and disks to SetDisplayRequency?

I've also looked at MPC-HC. Is it relatively stable when changing refresh rates and for playback?
So, I looked into Autofrequency bit it seems to require using MPC-HC (or some other external player) and since MPC-HC support automatic refresh rate changing I figured I'd try that. Once I got over the hump that it needed DirectX9 (Win7-64 only comes with Directx11) I found that while indeed it does set the refresh rate based on fps of the video file that playback was quite jerky on a number of files that report 23.976fps in MediaInfo. They actually playback better using 59 as the refresh rate than 24 which I can't figure out at all.

So, I'm stuck it seems trying to get this to work. Are there any other options? Should I try re-clock?
Which method do you see stuttering with, AutoFrequency or MPC-HC's auto refresh rate change? As AutoFrequency changes refresh rate before the player starts, it should be less problematic.

Another option is madVR's refresh changer: madVR settings > devices > [your display name] > display mode.
The stuttering was using MPC-HC's refresh rate change. Sure enough if I turned that off no stuttering but of course it was the wrong refresh rate. So I setup AutoFrequency with a 1 second delay and it's perfectly smooth now. Problem solved I guess except I don't think the video quality in MPC-HC is quite as good as I was getting using ffdshow in Shark Codecs.

Is MadVR worth a try or there seems to be a ton of settings in MPC-HC that might help, I just can't firgure out what they do?
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Listen to Rene.

Madvr is the easiest and most stable way

To succed autorefresh rate in mpc-hc
I spoke too soon about AutoFrequency. I've found that I have a ton of video files converted from DVD with the fps setting to "Same As Source" and the videos have framerates all over the map. If AutoFrequency cannot match a framerate to one of it preset configurations it exits and does not launch the player. Needless to say I cannot use it if this is the case.

So, to recap.

1. MPC-HC's internal refresh rate switching doesn't work. Video stutters when launched. Bringing up any MPC-HC dialog box seems to "kick" it back in but this is unacceptable.

2. I've tons of videos that AutoFrequency cannot handle.

I guess my next choice should have been my first, setup madVR to be used by MPC-HC and use MadVR's auto refresh rate switching.
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To continue the saga, I've installed MadVR and the auto refresh rate switching works well. Therefore, I've dumped AutoFrequency since it would not even launch so many of my files.

However, I still am having a couple of problems:

1. I can't figure out how to setup a 23.976 refresh rate on my ATI 5570. I'm using 24 for now. Maybe I need to update my drivers and CCC. Anyone have any hints on this.

2. I seem to be having very slight audio-sync problems using MadVR and MPC-HC that I can't figure out how to correct.

3. MPC-HC using MadVR seems to over sharpen my SD rips and I'm not sure how to correct that.

It's such a process to get things setup right...
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For ati users it's better to change

Refresh rate from windows7 options.

Right click everywhere on the deaktop area, choose screen resolution, go to advanced , refresh rate set it to 23.

Madvr auto refresh adjustments work perfectly even letting my screen @ 60hz

Just put 1080p23, 720p50
Neither via Windows nor CCC do I find 23 for a refresh rate. I'm on pretty old drivers though, 10.8. I vaguely remember having the 23 option before 10.8 and then it disappeared. I need to try to install the latest ATI drivers and see what that'll give me I guess and whether 23 will come back.
I've installed the latest CCC and drivers (11.8) and I still do not get an option for 23.976, only 24 for the refresh rate. Is there some way to force this or does my HD 5570 not support 23.976?
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