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settin up my 9pg xtra...a bit of help needed

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A couple of problems here...I finished with TInman's setup and alignment guide and I noticed that my raster goes way up on the left side, it almost can't be corrected. It takes almost 100% pincushion to fix it...this can't be normal!!

Another thing that doesn't seem right is that I need 100% keystone. Maybe it's because my raster is too big, but the projector is sitting on a low table and it's perfectly level. Is this normal??

Any tips or hints you can give me?? BTW, all the plugs are in their correct orientation for front desktop, so that's not the issue...if there is an issue.

The projector has mint tubes, 456 hours...is there a chance that the convergence board needs to be changed? Is it normal to have to max out on certain values to get useable convergence??


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No, that does not sound right at all.

As to your table, the bottom of the lenses should be about level with the bottom of the screen. Are they?


absolutely yes...they are.
Well let me amend that...they aren't after I've zero'd everything. But once I dial in the set a bit, they are.
What???? Wait..... The bottom of the LENSES should be about level with the bottom of the SCREEN.... PHYSICALLY...... As in moving the projector up or down. Did you understand that right? And the projector is then LEVEL. Yes?

DO NOT move the raster up or down to fit your screen. The raster should be nicely centered in each tube. If you did all that..... then you have a problem I can't diagnose without pictures.


Are you SURE the orientation of the sweep plugs and control plugs are matched AND correctly oriented for your type of projection ?

I hate to belabour a point, but it is the most common cause of what you describe, and its very easy to get it wrong. Did you have a PG Extra manual to get the correct orientation from ? I ask because all three iterations of the PG chassis are different .

Is there a menu item where you assign the projectors orientation ? If so, set it to match the way you are projecting. Can you post a picture of the offending test pattern ?

I'll post a picture as soon as possible, but I am sure there's something wrong. Something else I noticed is that at the top of the convergence pattern each color has a small S instead of finishing with a straight line, the s is about 2 cm or so maybe not even that long, but all colors have it. Now I know this isn't right. That combined with the image extending in the upper left corner I know there's something wrong here.

I hope to get a pic on here ASAP, I'll have to borrow my bro's camera.

As for the orientation of the plugs, I've went over it a few times, in the manual and on the diagram in the pj. Plus the setting in the menu! I'm about to go over it one more time! I hope to god that's the problem, but I think I need a new board of some sort, convergence or deflection.

The overall orientation of the pic when looking at the screen is one of a rectangle where the top left corner appears to be pulling away, like it's being stretched. When I call up any of the menus, they look the same way...nice rectangles that pull up and to the left.

Keep it coming guys,

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Hmmmm............ did you: Double check the LENS SPACER RINGS?

Check that the projector is indeed square to your screen? Does the pattern look streched when you remove the lenses as well? The slight S at the top.... a lot of PG's do that. Remember that the internal test patterns are bigger than the actual image, and that this would not usually show. Mine does this a little as well. I never see it with video.

Do double check ALL plugs on the C-drive. Read each label next to each plug. Some C-drives have the red and blue plugs all in a row, and then the yellow and brown (I think). Others have them in pairs, next to each other. Everything IS labled. Check again.
OK, Just for kicks I switched the plugs on the c-drive and when I powered up again I got a really distorted image that looked like it had serious pincushion issues. So, I am certain that this isn't my problem.

As for the upper left shift, it shows up clearly on the raster with the exact same problem. Do you think the previous owner adjusted the HSize pot? Could that cause this problem?

Good to hear that the little s's aren't an issue. But this god damn upper left stretch is an issue is killing me!!

I disable point, but are there any other steps to guarantee that I totally got rid of point? From the looks of it, I'll need to use point to fix it.

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You can take the point board out.

IS your manual for a PG EXTRA(PG6/9200) or are you using a manual for another PG ??
My manual is for the Xtra.

When looking at the cross pattern with just green, the bottom half of the vertical is level but the top half moves left somewhat. THe horizontal is level on the right but is above level on the left.

This further shows what the problem that I'm having is. Keep in mind that I can pretty much correct the problem but with extreme measures.

Do you think I need to adjust the yoke?

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Try normalizing keystone balance as well as tilt. Doug
Thanks Doug,

what's the difference between normalizing and just putting the settings to zero?


Depends if your on a default setting before you started or over correcting from a currupt memory default. In short was the yoke set right before with the correct phase setting.

Also try redoing tilt and point phase. Doug

"In short was the yoke set right before with the correct phase setting."

How do I know if the yoke is set right?

What is point phase? I disabled the point board in the setup, but I'm wondering if it's still affecting my image at all....

Thanks again,

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