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Had my Samsung HLR6768w for two years now. One light engine replacement already, now the DMD board needed to be replaced. That was a bear to get the picture aligned properly, but my expert CirCity tech was patient as a saint to get it done.

The problem now is that I've noticed the focus is slightly off on the set. Not a ton, but enough to make me need to fix it. My tech said the way to do that was to take the circular side access plastic cover off and stick your arm in there to adjust something close to the screen itself (optical focus adjustment?). He was in a hurry to leave after spending a good hour installing/adjusting the DMD board so we didn't get to the focus issue.

Q: What's the correct way to adjust the optical focus on the Samsung HLR6768w ? (given the DMD was just replaced and caused this situation).

Is it as my expert tech said, twisting something near the screen?

Do you just remove the entire grey back portion of the set to make the adjustment or can you really do it from the side through the ports (if your arm was as long as a circus performer)?

thanks a million.


Can't live with even the slightest out of focus problem :-|
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