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so, i've got our new computer with 2 ATI Radeon HD 5700's in them and we finally got our new projectors in (Optoma HD 2200). The projectors do 1080p, but i'm having an issue trying to get a 1080p signal to the projector.

our ideal set up is to duplicate our 2nd monitor (native 1600x900) and our screens which should be a 1080p signal. is that possible?

when i go through the catalyst center, it still reads my new Optoma's as our old Sanyo's and just won't work with 1080p.

we're going to be hanging them tomorrow morning and i want to make sure i have the settings right. i don't want to hang them and then have to change a setting to get to 1080p next week and the image doesnt fit the screen right anymore.

any help will be GREATLY appreciated. thanks!
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