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I am setting up an HT system in the basement currently have in my family room a 720p JVC LCOS TV, Pioneer Elite DV-59avi dvd player and Halo C2/A51 sytem.

I plan on moving the Halo C1/A51 system to the basement and use a PS3 as my blu-ray player. I will either buy the Pioneer 6020 or Panansoni 58V10 plasma.

Deciding what to do with the DVD player, should I use the Pioneer Elite DV-59avi in the basement and buy either a second hand Oppo dv-980H / DV981HD or Pioneer DV-420V for the family room or vice versa?

Any recommendation. I have read through countless posts and reviews trying to compare the Pioneer Elite DV-59avi (which I really like) to the Oppo DV-980H and DV-981HD and also the Pioneer DV-420V.

The family room is mainly used for the wife and kids, so I would like the better DVD player in the basement HT room. Leaning towards buying the Pioneer DV-420V for the family room as it is the cheapest route but thought if the Oppo DV-980H and DV-981HD is better than the Pioneer Elite DV-59avi then might sway to Oppo.

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