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The quick run-down:

I have an Xbox 360, PS3 and Motorola DCH6416 Cable Box. All of which are connected to my Denon AVR 1910 via HDMI, which is then connected to my TV via a single HDMI cable.

That's my system.

My problem is that when my Cable Box is connected with HDMI, I get intermittent video drop-outs of 1-2 seconds (the video goes blank on screen, then coems back on instantly within 1-2 seconds....sound stays on).

I have identified this as an HDMI handshake issue (like usual).

So last night I changed my setup and hooked the Cable Box up to my Denon via Component Video and Optical Audio.

The drop out problem went away.

But as I am watching TV today, I noticed a new problem: video interference.

When watching HD channels (Starz, TNT, TBS, ESPN, etc) there are 2 VERY VERY faint green lines that are running vertical, from the bottom of the TV to the top. And they just keep looping, from bottom to top.

So I switched back to HDMI.....green lines gone, HDMI handshake problem comes back.

Since the green line video interference only happens with Component Cables and not HDMI, I doubt this is a ground loop problem, right?

What are my options if I want to continue to use Component Video (to avoid the handshake issue of HDMI) but I don't want to deal with the video interference?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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