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I currently have a Pioneer Elite VSX-50 powering a pair of B&W 683s, a B&W HTM6, and a pair of B&W 686s. They are currently in a 5.1 setup. I Currently was given a Yamaha Aventage from roughly 2005-2007 (i don't have the model number right now but i will update later) along with a klipsch reference center channel from around the same time and a pair of Klipsch F3s.

What I listen to/watch: Action movies, stand up comedies, heavy video games, and a ton of music. Music is primarily electronic music.

My questions is, is it possible to link the two receivers together to run all of these speakers together?

Is this even viable?

Should I just retire the yamaha and klipsch to the bedroom and not worry about mixing?


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