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settings for DILA with AccessDTV?

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I just got a used G1000 and was trying to set it up for optimal display. I was able to set up the custom T&Rs for dvd playback on my Radeon LE (1368x1024 and 1368x768), but I couldn't find any info on configuring for full-screen AccessDTV (720p and 1080i). On auto, the projector switches to SVGA when I do 720p, and the result is a vertically stretched image. If I use 1280x720 on my desktop, the projector diplays two images, side by side. The only picture that looks decent is MAC19 as source, and it still has some extraneous stuff on the bottom of the screen. I am running all input into computer2 with a vga to 5 bnc cable. Anyone have good settings that work with this pair?

Thanks, Al
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Hi Al,

I had a similar problem and had to make a Dilard mod for my AccessDTV card. I also run Computer2 with a VGA-->5 BNC cable (from better cables) into my G11.

As I recall, the unmodified, full screen AccessDTV image came in much too tall. I just brought the height down a bit to get back to 16:9. I'm not sure why that happened.

I don't believe that I had the same issues when I was running a VGA-->VGA cable into the Computer1 input instead.

Geek that I am, I actually did an A-B comparison between the Computer1 input and the modified Computer2 input to see if the mod. affected the picture at all.

After all of the A-B comparing, I ended up staying with the Computer2 input, so there is no degradation to the HDTV image that I can detect with a modification.
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