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I finally jumped into the 1080P crowd.

Bought a Panasonic TC 37LZ85 in South Florida.

TV is impressive compared to what i have previously

Out of the box was connected to the cable (Comcast) and recognized 78 Standard channels and about the same on Digital.

I live in a condo that offers cable service on their maintenance.

Like i said out the box the TV set picked all these channels,some of them come in 480i, some on 720p and a very few on 1080i

First option is to select Home or Store settings.

Then you set up your date and time.

Now for the picture the default was ok but i needed a little tweaking.

Did somebody have list of settings for optimal viewing????.

This set is located in Living room,far from source of natural light and it placel on a piece of furniture taht provides ligh via small fluorescent tube covered by plastic cover, very dim, mostly ambient light.

Sound is kind of low, need to push to +50's level to get a clear definition .

No problem here because I'm planning for Onkyo to take care of the problem

Notes : very clear buttons on remote ,big numbers ,good design

Bezel is reflective (Shinny) but not obstructive.

Will post more as I go over the set and his multiple functions and features.

Meantime ,somebody have list of settings for optimal viewing????

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Originally Posted by Cinema Squid

Since there have been a few people asking for calibration settings, I figured I might as well jump in and post my custom settings (derived using Joe Kane's DVE HD Basics Blu-ray, some test screens/loops from my PC and a few tweaks to my own personal taste for HD viewing and PC use).


Picture Mode Custom

Back Light 15

Picture 69

Brightness 88

Color 50

Tint 0

Sharpness 0

Color Temp. Normal

Color Mgmt. On

x.v.Color Off

AI Picture Off

Video NR Off

Motion Focus Off/On

Black Level Light

HD Size Size 2As you can see, these settings are closest to the "Standard" picture
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