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Settings on harmon kardon avr 347

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I have a harmon kardon avr 347 with 5.1 surround using klipsch speakers. I am hooking up my PS3 and HD TV, both through optical cable. I was wondering what settings I should have for the surround. Like dolby digital or something like that. But when ever I put on dolby digital it only comes out the two side speakers or just the center. The speakers are definitaly hooked up right because on other settings they work. I am not that up to date on the sound settings so if any one can help me I would appreciate it. Also would anyone suggest optical or HDMI for audio?
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Assuming your PS3 has the latest firmware updates, it should be connected by HDMI. Basic surround decoding is done inside the PS3 and then the PS3 will output a multi-channel PCM to the 247 via HDMI. The audio DSP within the 247 automatically will auto-detect and configure itself to play back the appropriate DSP mode.

Just my $0.02...
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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