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Hi All.

I'd like some advice from someone more experienced to improve my setup.

Current Setup:
Plex Media Server installed on Macbook Pro
Living Room: Plex installed on Apple TV
Bedroom: Rasplex running on RPi.

N40L Server (Ubuntu):
250GB Boot
2x 2TB WD Green
1x 1.5TB Seagate

I have wired Cat6, I put American TV on one drive, British TV on another and Films on another drive.

1- I don't have any backups. The British TV drive failed last week which has prompted this.
2- I have to keep my laptop on in order to watch anything, because the N40L isn't powerful enough when it needs to transcode. This would be a bonus, but my laptop being on isn't necessarily a big problem.

Unused hardware:
- An extra RPi. (I use the Apple TV downstairs because it doesn't have HDMI-CEC like the bedroom).
- 1x 1.5TB Seagate, 1x 1TB WD Black, 1x 1TB Seagate, 1x OWC 240GB SSD.
- 1x USB2 4 bay enclosure.

I'm looking for possible solutions to improve my all round setup without spending too much.

I'm torn towards RAID/ZFS or using the USB enclosure (or something else) for backup - I'd only really need to backup like once every couple of weeks, but beware I've had the USB enclosure and didn't use it as a backup anyway, and due to the odd disk sizes it'd like need to be on JBOD or something - so perhaps RAID is better.

An alternative is to build a new cheap low power computer to put plex media server on and use the N40L as a NAS. Or ditch the N40L altogether and just build one with like 8 bays, stick a couple new 2/3/4TB drives in with the random existing ones and come up with something.

I don't really want to waste the equipment I've got though, but realise some of it will need to be left unused. And due to the random disk sizes I currently have, it makes it difficult to try and re-use a lot of it.

Anyone have any grand ideas?

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How attached to the N40L are you? You could easily build a new server around a more powerful processor, then throw all the drives you have into that box, and do duplication with Drivepool or a RAID solution.
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