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I run a small post production facility in Norway. We work primarily with color grading, visual effects and graphics. We are in the process of upgrading the sound in our "cinema" and thought maybe someone could give us a few pointers on our suggested setup.

We use our cinema for displaying the finished product. The sound is done externally, but it is in our facility that the customer will see the both the final sound and picture.

First our room. It is about 70 square meters, but the viewing (and listening) area is about 30-40 sqm (about 375 sq. feet). We use a Sony vpl-vw60 projector. We are going to see how we can modify the room for better sound after we have a setup that is good.

We would like to set up a stereo system, with the option to "upgrade" it to surround after a while.

Stereo setup


Apple Mac Pro, analogue RCA output

PS3 with analogue rca.


2 x KRK Rokit 8

1 x KRK 10s

And a basic mixer that have 2 RCA inputs and XLR outputs to the KRK 10s with XLR pass through to the Rokit 8´s


The surround upgrade:


Apple Mac Pro, 6 digital XLR outputs (AJA kona 3 with breakoutbox)

Sony PS3, Optical digital output (ADAT?)

And in addition to the existing speakers:

3 x KRK Rokit 6 (1 center og 2 rear)

And a D/A converter that will take up to 8 digital XLR (AES/EBU) and optical input:


Do you think this setup will work? Any better setup in the same price range? Would love to hear about any experience with the KRK series.

Any help is most welcome!!

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PS/3 Optical digital output

All you will get out of that will be Dolby Digital or stereo. You'd be better off getting audio over the HDMI port, which will get you 7.1 digital uncompressed (assuming you have the right source).

First, make sure that your walls and ceilings are treated with a good mixture of sound deadening and sound diffusion appliances (panels/reflectors). That's more important than any other upgrade. Also make sure to put thick bass traps into the corners.

Second, if this is a demo system where precision actually matters, I'd move away from "home theater" or "nearfield monitor" gear towards real "monitor" gear. Your gear looks underpowered for the room you're describing. I'd recommend a setup based on Genelec 1038B and 1038 BC for front/centers, and 8050 for the side/rears, with a 7071A for the sub channel (no need to do bass management with those main speakers). However, I fear you'll get sticker shock when looking those up...

(Note that the manufacturer would actually specify higher end/bigger sides and subs for your room size to reach reference quality at reference level)
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