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I'll start with my setup first.

Home Theater:

- Denon 2809ci

- HD-A30 HD DVD player

- PS3

- Vudu

- Xbox 360 Elite

- Sony VPL-HW10 1080p projector

- 106" Elite Screen EZFrame

- Logitech Harmony 1000

- DLink 625 router acting as a bridge connected to my home office and media computer in the other room.

- Klipsch Synergy 6.1 DIY setup plus 12" Klipsch sub

Living room:

- Pioneer Elite 1130HD

- Samsung BD-1500

- Denon 1906 AVR

- Wii

- Xbox 360 Premium - 120gb

- Polk Audio 5.1 DYI speakers with 10" Polk sub

- Logitech 880 remote

- X2 3800+ 7800GTX 4gb of ram 320gb PC Media Center

I'm very satisfied with the overall quality of component especially the Sony projector and now I'm having trouble organizing everything in order to create a master home media server that will allow me to store my digital content and stream it over network in both places.

What would be probably the best format to store it in order to access it. I'm thinking something that will also work with Xbox 360 since I need to access it from the living room as well and Xbox is more convenient that Media Center PC.

I'm also looking into a way to have a cool interface in any of the devices I have that will allow me to read covers for movies and shows I have in digital form, so it feels like one big library and looks cool.

What would be your advices to achieve this universal home media thing. Also I'm thinking of adding Popcorn Hour for ease of use and interface to the home theater room but it seems like an overkill since PS3 can do the same thing.

Any advices appreciated.

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