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I've been doing some research through the posts regarding building my own HTPC.

I've so far decided on the following:

Asus P4PE

P4 2.53ghz

512mb ddr ram

ATI 9000 pro

theatertek dvd program

sound card????????

this is where I'm lost. The more I read the more I'm confused.

What is the point of purchasing something like the revo 7.1 and going analog out into your reciever when you can go direct digital out of the computer and allowing the reciever to do all the work?

My reciever is the Denon 3802. I'd like to get the highest quality sound when watching dvd's so what should I do?

If the motherboard has digital out on it, could I just use that alone? What about listening to non digital sources such as a tv-tuner card and it's audio output, can the sound go through the motherboard digital output too?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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