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Setup evaluation with speaker restrictions...

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I am looking into a 5.1 setup, and wanted your advice/input/etc.

The part of the room with the setup is approx 15x14 with a 10' vaulted ceiling.

We watch broadcast TV 85%, DVD 10%, and music only 5% (if that). We don't really watch things with thunderous volume... okay, my wife doesn't, but I do when it it just me watching...

The AVR is a Yamaha RXV765

The surrounds are Polk RC55i in the ceiling.

I am in need of the front 3 and the sub, with the restriction that the L and R fronts need to be small and wall mountable.

After a lot of thread reading and research, it seems that the Def Tech Promonitor line fit the bill for both size and sound quality. Plus, the Promonitor "Ball and socket" type of wall mount seems like it would work as the speakers need to be turned 90 degrees from their mounting position to have the proper alignment.

I was thinking of the following:

L & R: Promonitor 1000

Center: ProCenter 2000

Sub: I was thinking the Elemental Designs A2-200 or A3-250. (What would your recommendations be?) I do want a good solid backbone with the sub, especailly since we are using smallish speakers for the fronts.

Am I good with the above setup, or are there other manufacturers I should look at for my L/R/Center? The closest I found size-wise seems to be an RC-Mini set up... any other worthy choices?

Thanks for any help you can give me! Once I get all this ordered, then I get to start shopping for a piece of furniture with a whole other set of restrictions... LOL!

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