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So we have just moved to a new condo, and as you will see from the pictures below, the living room is still pretty sparse; the new rug, sofa, and decor don't arrive for a few more weeks. The living room itself is 11x17, though it opens up to the dining room and there is a bar area across from the tv (both pictured). The center channel is currently on an end table but will be mounted above the tv soon. Any advice on my setup currently? I have the Ascend Sierra 1 LCRs and a Hsu VTF2 MK3 sub, powered by the Onkyo 805. Where should I pay particular attention to room treatments for better system performance in this shape room?

One issue I would like to highlight:

There is a "cove" to the right of the television in the corner of the living room where I currently have the sub (pictured), but I am concerned that the sub's performance/quality could be negatively affected because it is surrounded by three walls (the wall covered by the curtain rises to a window at about 2' above the floor) -- the fireplace sticks out a bit and encloses the area as you can see from the pictures. Any input/comments/suggestions are welcome!

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