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I have the following setup, but cannot get sound out of my internal TV speaker:

Sony HT-C150
Samsung LN52A650 - HDMI to Sony HTC - TV Input
Sci Atlantic SAT/Cable DVR - HDMI to SONY - SAT/CAT Input
Roku 2 XS - HDMI to Sony - BD Input
Sony DVD Player - HDMI to Sony - DVD Input

Aukey Bluetooth Transmitter
Anker BT Speaker Cube

I hooked the BT transmitter into the headphone jack of the TV (I also tried the RCA TV-OUT jacks)
It is paired with the Anker Speaker Cube

No sound coming from my TV Speaker, so no sound getting to the headphone jack nor RCA Out

Checked Samsung TV Menu - Sound - TV Speaker is set to ON

I'm trying to use Pandora via Roku with the BT Speaker outside.

Driving me nuts. Can anyone help? Please and THANK YOU!
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