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Hi. I have a Ps3, a panasonic plasma TV and a Pioneer Elite VSX-90TXV.

I also have a regular cable box(digital cable-RCA redwhiteyellow).

I want everything to work with my receiver and my tv 100%.

I have my ps3 hooked up with an HDMI cable to the receiver and then from the receiver to the TV with another HDMI cable. this is great. (sound is another story but it works).

I want to hook up the cable box to the same TV with just the HDMI out. I get sound through my speakers and everything seems to work but there's no video.

Pretty much my question is: Can I go from an RCA or S-video INPUT to a HDMI output? if so, HOW?

thanks in advance to anyone who can help. 1st time on this forum and it has already been very useful!
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