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Setup Recommendations-Basement

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I need some setup recommendations and have some questions. Here is my proposed setup:


Xbox via HDMI


TWC SA DVR via component/digital coax

Wii via component/analog

Denon 4310 controlling all of it to:

Dual media area setup:

Mit HC 6500 PJ via HDMI 1/5.1 setup in main area

Sony 52XBR4 via HDMI 2/5.1 setup in main area

Bar area: Sony 32XBR6 in other area.

My question is how to hook up the 32 to get at least the DVR video with audio on the TV speakers...I understand the 4310 will not output the HDMI sources over the component output and both HDMI outputs will be used in the other viewing area. As long as I go component in then I can get component out of the 4310.

Option 1: DVR component/dig coax to the 4310, 4310 component outputs to balun to 32 TV. How about the sound? Can I take the Zone 2 pre-outs on the 4310 to the 32 TV analog inputs? I tried this and it does not work. Are these pre-amp only outputs...meaning I need a separate amp/speakers to run them or are they standard ole analog outputs that I can run to the 32?

Option 2: DVR component/dig coax to 4310, the secondary DVR analog outputs and run them to an analog input (DVD, TV etc) on the 4310. Change the amp assign to Zone 2 and then run the DVD source on Zone 2 speakers to get the analog sound from the DVR. The only problem with this setup is that I need separate speakers in that setup...I want to use the 32 TV's speakers.

Option 3: DVR to component/dig coax splitter with one feed to the 32 and the other to the 4310. But it appears these are all comp/spdif units...guess I would have to add a dig/analog converter by the tv also.

Option 4: DVR to 4310 via component/dig coax. 4310 component output to balun to 32 TV. DVR secondary analog out to another balun to 32 TV.

There has to be an easier way. Suggestions? Are there combo component/analog baluns?
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