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We've just moved into our new home and have inherited an interesting AV setup. I want some advice on what to purchase to best compliment what's already in place and to enable us to have a flexible audio system going forward.

The major purchases involved are the Receiver and the Speakers for the Living Room. I

Below is a basic diagram of our current layout across the living room and outdoor cabana area.

My main goals are:

1. Flexible setup to combine or independently control audio in Zone 1 + Zone 2.

2. Ability to stream music to Receiver by Bluetooth

Additional Notes:

- Wireless connection to the receiver is unnecessary, as it will be located very close to Router.

- I doubt I will have future expansion requirements for this receiver, except for possible addition of a projector input in the future. Don't anticipate an additional zone being required

Regarding the Receiver, I need to power the 4 external ceiling mount speakers, with inputs from the outdoor TV (via FIOS box), or from the TV itself (when streaming Chromecast). Additional inputs would be the TV in the Living room, streaming from a HTPC, and the cable box in the living room.

With my living room layout, the TV is on a wall mount bracket to the front right corner of the room. I don't have an easy method to add rear surround speakers, and I'm trying to avoid having large floor standing speakers in the living room too. The structure of the room can't easily accommodate speakers in the ceiling (angled,15ft+ ceiling), and as we have wood floors, i don't want to run wires along to the back of the room for rear speakers.


My goal is to add speakers directly behind the TV to amplify volume. I know this is contrary to a lot of people's opinions on how to set up audio, but I am by no means an audiophile and i'm primarily looking to increase the volume of the sound in the living room, not set up immersive Surround sound. I would like a recommendation for decent Speakers for this purpose.
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