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First, I don't have pictures yet of all this stuff. I will work on that tonight.
Unless otherwise noted, price includes shipping.
I will also be shipping in original boxes if I have them. If I don't, I will be packaging them to survive tactical nuclear strikes.

Preferred payment is Paypal gift but will work with a buyer to make things happen. My prices are pretty firm as I can deal with the hassle of eBay for more money if that was my priority.

Yamaha Aventage RX-A1000 $400 shipped
Condition is 9/10 easily. I am the second owner and both myself and the previous owner used this as a pre/pro with external amps. Amps all work fine but have little to no "mileage" on them. This comes with the latest firmware installed and includes all of the original accessories, remote, microphone, etc and will be shipped in the original box.

Sunfire Symphonic Reference Pre $350 shipped
Condition aesthetically is 6-7/10 but works perfectly and most of the cosmetic issues can't be seen with it sitting in a rack. Ended up getting a fantastic deal on a Cary pre and went that route instead. Great phono stage built in and a solid all around 2 channel pre-amp. **No remote but it does work with Harmony universals.

Cambridge Audio DVD-89 $125 shipped
Condition is 9/10. I have the remote and an upgraded DIY power cable that go with this. It does have HDMI out with upscaling but where it really shines is as a 2 channel universal player. It is an Oppo based OEM build but the press touts it as having better acoustics than the Oppo it is based off of. The inside of the case has been lined with rubber sound mat (not Dynamat) and a set of Sorbothane feet have been added. I really wanted to use this unit for my headphone rig at work but realized that I can't justify it as I end up listening to Pandora or Plex more at work than anything else.

**SOLD** Rocketfish RF-HTS120 Power Console **SOLD**
This is more of a power strip but with surge protection and noise filtering. 8/10 cosmetically. It also has a front panel that displays line voltage, wattage or amperage and is dim-able. I had been using this on my HT but we replaced it with an APC J35B to combine this unit's functions with that of a small APC we have as well.

**SOLD** Yamaha CDRHD1000 CD Player/Recorder **SOLD**
This CD player/recorder is in great shape and works well. 7/10 cosmetically. It offers a pretty solid platform and allows you to record some of your favorite discs right to the unit for later playback. It has a small hard drive (20GB) that can be used to store discs for later writing to CD-R or CD-RW or for use as a "Jukebox" function. I actually really like this unit but other than garage use, can't really find a use for it.

Harman Kardon HK3480 Stereo Receiver $150 shipped
I am not entirely sold on selling this. It is a fantastic pairing with LSi9s or LSi7s (has an easier time driving the 7s) but here it is and it has the original remote to boot. 9/10 condition.
If I can't get my asking, I will simply relegate it to garage duty with the LSi7s below.

Polk Audio LSi7 Cherry $300 shipped
Along with the Harman above, I am not sold on selling these. I can live without selling them if I can't get my asking price. They are a 7/10 as they do have some nicks and scratches here and there. Nothing that makes them ugly enough to hide them in a closet or anything...just normal wear and tear.

I have more stuff but I still need to go through the garage and storage to sort all of the things I am keeping versus what I am selling.
Pictures will be posted up in the next day or two.
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