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Sorry for starting a new thread, but I didn't get any response in posting to the BenQ 8720 Hints Master thread. Here are my questions:

1) The manual doesn't state what the Native Lamp mode designation is...it explains "warm" "cool" etc, but not Native Lamp

2) I can not get the OPPO to sync with the 8720. I am using a 70ft HDMI cable with a bult in booster. After about 30 secs of the start up screen, it goes into a non-sync mode of snow and blank screen. Is it not syncing due to HDCP issues or is it just the OPPO player? I've read some have had positive results with OPPO, but others say it's finicky... Any alternative non-region players??

3) For some reason the only color space signal the 8720 will accept is RGB...when I adjust the VP150 with any other color space...it turns vomit green

Again sorry for starting a separate thread, but I know this projector is not on the current radar..so I had to shoot up a warning flare to get some help
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