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Purchased this at the same time as a new A lens and the width was too narrow. I had to reorder another one a few inches wider. Brand new in the box.

Dimensions are:


Description: XD, 109.0" x 48.6", 20d tilt

Total: US $289.50

Just want to get this out of the spare bedroom. 200.00 shipped in the conus.

I've had quite a few questions in regards to aspect ratio so here's some clarification. The screen is cut for a 2.35 AR. You can certainly use it for a 1.78 AR by cutting the length down from 109 to 86.5". This is the screen only; no snaps buttons, hooks, etc. It is designed to staple to the backside of your own DIY frame.

You could literally be into a really nice screen for under $300.00 bucks by going the DIY route.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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