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I was hoping someone can provide some input as to the performance of this particular combo in general and also as it relates to image brightness as the bulb ages.

I would be pairing a new JVC RS20 projector with a Seymour AV Centerstage XD 120" wide/130" diagonal 2:37 scope screen.

My throw distance will be 16 feet and the 12' x 20' room will be painted a medium colored brown and I will have total light control. I will not be using an Anamorphic Lens at this time.

#1... Will the overall brightness and performance of this particular setup be

acceptable in general?

#2... Will this particular setup provide enough headroom over time to maintain

acceptable brightness as the bulb ages even when considering tweaking the adjustable iris?

Any and all input with would be greatly appreciated!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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