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Movie IMO was underrated.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this movie. After films like Boat Trip and Snow Dogs, I did not think Cuba Gooding Jr. could pull off such a rich and textured character. He plays a very believable hit-man. Helen Mirren and he have great chemistry.

I do think the movie failed due to the relationship between Gooding and Mirren. It was maybe the best part about the movie however the subject matter could be un palatable for most movie goers.

I do admit never really paid much attention to Vanessa Ferlito but damn she was hot in this movie. Sort of the girl next door. Also Helen Mirren looked very good also, her age or not. I did like Mary Gray's small part. Hope she gets more. Mo'nique was a bit of a surpise also, no comedy in her role.

Worth a rental and your time.

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