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It's been a while since I posted in Tweaks !

Did anyone catch the demo of Shakti products at CES ?

The Shakti demo room had a an HK AVR-??? receiver, I think an HK CDP, and some B&W large bookshelf speakers. The attendees were seated in 3 rows of chairs, maybe 4 across.

The first demo was to show the benefits of the Shakti Stones.

These were placed on and off the Receiver and CDP several times.

The improvement with the Shakti was huge and painfully obvious !

The next demo featured the Shakti Hallograph "soundfield optimizer".

The Hallographs were left standing for a music clip, then laid down for the music clip.

The improvement with the Hallogrpahs was once again huge and painfully obvious !

All in all, a great set of tweaks to consider for your tweaking dollars.

There is also some "interesting "info at the Shakti website about peeformance gains of using Shakti Stones on your cars's ECU.

- Andy
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