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I am looking for a little help here after quite a bit of google searching. I bought a house that was being remodeled and it had speaker wire already put in so I have had the painters complete their work and then I was coming back to put in in wall speakers.

The room is setup as 7.1, and theses are the surrounds but the problem is that after I cut out the house, not a huge hole but a hole nonetheless I have found that the other wall is approximately 2.5 inches deep.

So I need a really shallow in wall speakers.

I have read about building out a box and I really don't want to have to do that if I don't have to. I have looked at the speakercraft accufit but they are still a little bit too much at 2.75 inches.

I don't really care how big they are, I was planning on putting 6 1/2" surrounds in there but I think that's a pipe dream now.

I am not trying to spend a lot because I have already bought the front speakers. Polk ls9 but they are going into a builtin cabinet and will be hidden.

The rears aren't a problem, but I am up a creek. Plus We had to do flat texture so I would have to have my drywall guys come back out and redo it and then repaint if I wanted to forget the idea...

I actually have a electrician helping with the install and a carpenter doing some other remodeling but I would really like to have 7.1 and Also I don't want to pay more money just to cover it up.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciately.

Any questions I can answer will be fine.
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