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Shallow depth LCR recommendations (front port only!)

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I'm looking for some recommendations for some shallow depth, front ported LCRs.

My TV is mounted on the side wall of my living room so the edge of the TV, all the wiring and wall mount bracket behind it is basically the FIRST thing you see as you walk in the front door. I want to hide the wall mount bracket and the visible wiring with some wall mounted speakers. Anything from 4-8 inches deep is probably do-able, anything more and I feel like the speaker will be jutting into the room (anything less, and I'm afraid it won't hide the wiring as well). 12 inches tall or more would be best for covering the bracket and wiring.

The NHT Absolute Wall speakers look like they'd fit the bill mostly, but I'm looking for something ported that will handle lower midbass with authority (my sub is a 15" ported, and it gets a little "flabby" as it approaches midbass so I have it crossed pretty low).

Budget right now is a wide ranging $0-600, as I haven't been able to find anything thus far.

Thanks for any help!
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Your size/depth restrictions in combination with wanting good mid (upper?) bass is tough. Maybe try ...

Ascend Acoustic HTM-200 - sealed and designed to be flush wall mounted. http://www.ascendacoustics.com/pages/products/speakers/htm200/htm200.html

HTD Flat Panel. http://www.htd.com/Products/flat-panel-speakers/flat-panel-speaker
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I know you said front ported, but I'm thinking BIC FH6-LCR which are sealed. I know BIC exaggerates their specs but they claim 40hz - 23khz +/-3db. You should be able to get the 3 for $300 or under shipped from acousticsounddesign.com.
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Thanks for the suggestions.

Those Mythos look interesting, but 50Hz from a 4.5" driver seems lofty. They do look pretty though, I like that they're rather slim (width and depth). The HTDs with a larger port claim 80 Hz, which seems more realistic. Also pretty speakers, I think I'd want them to reach a little lower though. Those Ascends aren't really my style.

So I called BIC, apparently they released a new slim speaker that has no pics on their site. It's a 3-way, which could be good or bad depending if they got the crossovers right this time around. The drivers are the same 6.5" in their DV62si. They're 5" deep, and the front ports seem tiny, but BIC says they'll go down to 42 Hz (vs. 40 Hz on the FH6-LCR). I realize they're probably pumping up the numbers a little, but they should hopefully get close.

I have three on the way, will report back since they're rather new and there's only one impression of them on the internet (posted on Amazon and reposted in several other places). They'll be driven by a Yamaha RX-V773 until I decide on an external amp.
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