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Shallow focus/ Rear Projection?

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Hey everyone

Have a quick question as I'm fairly new to digital projection.

Im doing an audio visual project called LOCUS, and we are planning on splitting a video signal into two projectors from my laptop on a stage. The two projectors will then project onto two different 7-foot circular screens. We are dealing with some space problems as the stage we have to use isn't the deepest.

My question is this:

Given our extremely low budget is there a way to project a large 7 foot image from about 5 ft? I know this may be pushing it but we dont have a ton of space to work with and we need to be projecting from behind the screens so our audience doesn't have a giant projector sitting right in front of them during the whole show.

If anyone can offer any sort of information or links or anything at all we would be greatly appreciative!

Thanks a ton!



If anyone can also recommend a good material for building a rear-projection screen I would love that too!

Thanks again!
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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