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Shallow in-wall speakers

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I must build my speakers in to the wall to keep peace in the family. I have only 2.4" of depth to work with. The only speakers I can find are 4 ohm car speakers. I am going to drive the speakers with a Denon AVR 1910. According to Denon it has circuitry that will detect "over-amped" situations and shut off the output.

The Denon has 90 Watts RMS output per channel.

I am not concerned with high quality sound as I am an oldster and do not hear well anymore. Decent sound, sure but not top quality.

Anybody ever use car speakers (4 ohm) in a home situation?

Am I foolish to attempt this?
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You could build a wood frame around the opening and shim them out... it could be made to look nice and would be cheap. Other than that I don't know.

As far as car audio... hmmm they're designed for a much different application... good in-walls would probably spank them in Home Audio.. Personally I wouldn't consider it.
I would use on wall speakers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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