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Shallow RPTV for a small room

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I'm moving into a new house in a few weeks here, and my existing television, a Sony 36" Wega, is going to occupy too large a space in too small a room. :) In particular, I'm struggling with the 26" depth of the unit. Flat-panel sets are the obvious place to go if depth is a problem, but are very expensive. I'd prefer to spend $2500 or less... so here I am in the RPTV forum!

I think I'd be in business if I could just get 4 or 5 fewer inches in depth - 20" or less. I'm not looking for a particularly large set (in terms of screen size), but I am finicky about picture quality. :)

Anyone have suggestions about 20-inch or less RPTVs? Or, if not RPTV, suggestions on what else I might look into?
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There are a couple I know of:


43" Hitachi - 20 1/16" deep


42" Samsung - 17 3/4" deep

42" Toshiba - 18 3/4" deep

Front projection is also something to look into when depth is an issue.
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