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I am probably going to sound a little crazy here but I'm willing to see what kind of responses I get.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new 60" Sony 630B. The TV seems great but I've noticed something with the screen. Although it seems really minor. I should state first that I only found this when the TV was off. I first noticed a small almost half circle shadow at the bottom center of the screen (just above the Sony logo) from a far distance in natural light. I went and looked at the screen and didn't notice anything.

But the following day, from the same spot I noticed it again. So I went up to the screen and looked straight across at the bottom frame and it seems as though the bottom part of the frame in the center pinches in, creating basically a very minor divot/shallow spot. Upon further review, I used a flashlight in that area and there seems to be a small rectangle pad directly behind the Sony logo which causes the screen to slightly dip inwards at that area. Is that a normal thing?

Now, I can't seem to notice anything when the TV is on. So it doesn't seem to affect the picture. And really, it's very difficult to even find it. The only reason I noticed something was thanks to a small dark shadow when it was off.

So what I'm wondering, has anyone ever seen this before? And most importantly should I just stop being so anal? I mean to take it off the wall, box it up and exchange it just seems like a lot of work.
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