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Hi all,
I am trying to isolate as best possible a room in my apartment from my neighbour. My room is bordered by them on two sides and we're separated by only 2" of old blockwork so we can talk through the wall - not ideal - reminds me of Office Space. One of the key issues in this problem is we have shared timber joists; our separating party block walls have been built on top of common floorboards when the building was divided - apparently all the rage in the 60s here.

I have already cut the floorboards my side and am now soundproofing the walls and ceiling. Once done the walls will be: existing 2" brick - 1" gap - 4" stud filled with fiberglass - genie clips - 5/8" drywall + Green Glue + 5/8" drywall.

As we will still share joists I know that impact and perhaps airborne? noise will run under the wall & also into the new stud wall frame, fixed to the joists, hence I have opted for genie clips to help isolate the new drywall from the frame.

Once the wall is done, any suggestions on how I can best stop noise already in the joists coming up through the sub-floor on my side? It's currently 16mm flat edge floorboards; I was thinking of sealing the floorboard gaps with acoustic sealant then laying either a rubber underlayment or phonewell on top, then a decent underlay and carpet. Some sites suggest tecsound 50 first to add mass but I'm dubious about MLV type products. Or do I need to look at a more elaborate floating floor?

Many thanks for any views & suggestions (other than to move out!) :)


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