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Sharing a pair of speakers / AB switch

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I have a new pair of in-wall speakers that I'm going to wire to the left/right surrounds in the primary ('A') selection of my receiver.

But I'd also like to know if there would be a way for me to wire those same speakers, simultaneously (in a daisy chain fashion perhaps?) from the r/l surround speaker terminals over to the 'B' speaker output terminals on the back of the receiver?

That would allow me to achieve desired result of switching the receiver to 'B' speaker output only for ambience/background music to the in-walls. As such, the 2 in-walls would serve dual purpose as A) surround speakers while watching DD/DTS sources and B) mono stereo speakers for background/ambience music. Any problem hooking them up as indicated? Not perfect, perhaps, but simple/do-able, correct?
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the problem is that your receiver also allows "A" and "B" speakers to be played at the same time....

this will cause 2 signals to be sent to the speakers at the same time - possible causing damage to the speakers and even possibly causing damage to the receiver......

you could do it if you added a switch in the speaker lines that would only allow one set of speaker wires to be hooked up to the speakers at any time....

it would be a "two in" and "one out" type of switch..... a DPDT switch (preferably with center off) on each channel (right and left) would do it....


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